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We Have Paperless Society Solution

If you have Computer in your institution/Organizations, it does not mean that your setup is computerized. Even if any institution /organizations have Computers; they are working manually because they do not have computerized software solutions. That means you are not really using your computer in a positive way because nowadays all banks are giving the high-tech facilities to their customers then why you are not.

We have a good software for your society in windows based platform with multiple high-tech solution e.g. Member's passbook on his mail, Member's every transaction on his mobile, Member can also view his account at his residence rest all society standard concepts e.g. auto demand, multiple loans facility in single Member's ID like FD, Lien marking on loan against FD so that system will not allow his FD payment until the loan cleared etc. There is a very good concept for database maintain means you can generate the member's statement on single click since you have computerized with us means single database solution, no any concept for year end and balance carried forward you can make the year end at your end and generate the all auditor reports like Income & Expenditure, Receipt & Payment, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Balance Book, Schedule Annexure, Resign list, New Enrolment etc. SAS is fully parameterized software means according to your society you can set the control and sit back system will play his self according to your guidance.

SAS is also to use full to reduce your papers work from your society like Voucher, Receipt, New Membership form with member's photo, New loan form, passbook, FD Certificate, Share Certificate, Cheque printing, defaulter letters, arbitration letters all other reports which you want to add to this software because we have very good concept of interfacing with Microsoft Office.

You are so far from SAS Win-Society Projects only a single click or visit in our office.

SMS Society service provides you information automatic alert as:
Automatic Alert (Push Alert)

New Membership Alert:
Welcome message sent for the time of your membership approved by the managing committee and enroll your new membership no in the computer.

Debit and Credit Alert:
Messages are sent for each Credit and Debit to your account.

Loan Issued Alert:
Whenever your loan application approved by the society you got a message on your registered mobile no to your loan Amt. Rs….. has been approved.

Surety Given Alert:
Messages are sent to all those members who are given the surety to any loan account.

New Deposit Alert:
Message for you Deposit Certificate has been ready to collect from the society.

Deposit Matured Alert:
Whenever your deposit is matured you got a message to collect the maturity amount or give the instruction society to renew it.

Cheque Return Alert:
Whenever cheque issued is returned a message intimating about the same will be sent.

End more….

Member’s can receive his accounts statement through email therefore no need to come in the society to print the passbook. So members are requested to please register your Email ID in the society.
4 MBPS speed of internet is compulsory to avail this feature. To use this feature some terms and conditions from vendor and society side will be cleared by the member. Through this feature member’s can view his account and print the statement of account from his home.
Member’s history on a single page from the enroll in the society with all accounts balance having society.
100% parameters means society administrator can set the control for all account like SM, CD, OD, Loans (RL, EL, VL, HL, LFD etc) , Deposits, Recurring Deposits according his requirements. He can set the format of passbook, receipt, concept of interest, printer choice, deposit interest slab, deposit certificate printing, share certificate print, SMS popup, PAN Card popup, direct printing, defaulter letters printing etc.
Database of the society software for all years will maintain in a single database therefore user can print member’s passbook or all other queries through a single click on a single icon. Single window concept means no need to create contra entry in anywhere like receipt, payment, loan issues, member’s resign etc system does create the contra voucher itself.
Though this feature society can have track the loans because system maintain the file no like folio no (like manual)
A special feature for interface with DOS or windows, user can use his own letters in DOS or Microsoft word in any language.
No need to run any extra process to generate the any report like Income & Expenditure, Receipt & Payment, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Annexure etc. system maintain itself at the time of entry section.
Very special feature in this software, there is no need to year end and balance carried forward for next year and no need to stop the working on 1st April for year end.